What is a fall protection device/roll-off protection?
This regulatory system can be compared to the safety belt of your car. If the roller shutter rolls down as normal, everything is fine, but should something fail in the drive and cause the roller shutter to suddenly close in an uncontrolled manner (guillotine effect), the fall protection device/roll-off protection prevents this by blocking the roll-up axle.

What to do in case of a power cut?
If a roller shutter does not have power the electric motor will not function. A frequently chosen solution is to install an emergency power supply. In this case a separate battery (230V) is placed with a certain capacity depending on the dimensions of the roller shutter. In case of a power cut, the battery has sufficient capacity to open and/or close the roller shutter. However, the battery has to be checked annually and will have to be replaced every two to three years (depending on use).

How does the manual override work?
By inserting an external hand crank directly into the electric motor, a roller shutter can be operated manually (will take longer than when operated electronically). By inserting the hand crank, the power supply is automatically switched off. This system is supplied as standard with 400V drives and optional 230V tubular motors (an alternative is a backup battery).

Electrical connection?
A roller shutter motor has to be connected and have cables fitted by an acknowledged technician according to NEN1010. GNS Brinkman offers you the option to, against a surcharge, supply a plug-ready connection box with all operation elements pre-wired. In this case a power source near the roller shutter is sufficient. For 230V motors this would be a wall socket, for three-phase powered motors a 16A five pole C-form wall socket is required.

What provides the best security?
A locked (double-walled) steel roller shutter offers the most security. Unfortunately, this system is not allowed in many locations due to municipal visibility requirements. In that case it is best to choose a steel rolling grille with greater visibility and mounted on the inside behind the glass. In this way, maximum delay of any burglars is achieved, after all, in case of glass breakage electronic detection occurs (alarm goes off) and the rolling grille would still have to be forced. You can compare it to a compartment in a high-risk area where the steel roller shutter creates a hermetic seal.

What type of operation should I choose?
Assuming that practically all roller shutters can be operated electronically, you can choose from many different operation options. The operation type is chosen depending on the risk and the number of users. From a simple key switch with a profile cylinder lock to remote controlled with handheld transmitters or a RFI module with magnet keys to operate with your own mobile phone, everything is possible.

What indicates the level of burglar resistance?
In order to classify the various roller shutter systems, the roller shutter matrix was created. This roller shutter matrix describes the composition of the roller shutters based on the BRL (Dutch guideline for assessment of roller shutter security companies) roller shutters. Only NCP acknowledged roller shutter security companies can issue a certificate with respect to the burglar resistance of the supplied roller shutter system. Please always consult your insurer for the risk classification.

Are there any requirements with respect to the visibility?
Yes, virtually all Dutch municipalities require that roller shutters on high streets have to be transparent. Also, more and more property developers formulate requirements for installing roller shutters. In practice this means that installing roller shutters can be reported to local councils and has to be tested in advance by the building inspection department.

Fire resistant roller shutter or fire resistant rolling screen?
If a passage in a fire resistant partition wall has to be closed off, there are two options, namely; a fire resistant roller shutter or a fire resistant rolling screen. If both a fire as well as a burglar resistant function is desired, a fire resistant roller shutter is the best option. If solely fire resistant partition is required, a fire resistant rolling screen is the best option. The advantage of a fire resistant rolling screen is the compact installation with relatively low weight and the option to create or upgrade fire separation in existing situations.

Is there CE certification for roller shutters?
Yes, by law – according to the NEN13241-1 – it is regulated that roller shutters and rolling grilles must also be equipped with safety provisions. Therefore each roller shutter is supplied with a documentation folder including a delivery note, CE certification, a user manual, a maintenance proposal, a wiring diagram and working drawing. Or a construction file can be submitted for every produced roller shutter.

Are there structural provisions for installing roller shutters?
For correct installation it is important that there is a single mounting surface. This means that the walls and the area above the opening form a whole. Naturally, the surface has to be sufficiently sturdy. Unless using fire resistant roller shutters and fire resistant rolling screens, it is also possible to mount a cantilevered roller shutter between the floor and the ceiling. If the retraction mechanism is mounted above the ceiling or in a soffit, it is important that these are removable. The opening where the roller shutter comes out of the ceiling or soffit has to be big enough to prevent it hitting the ceiling or soffit. For both fire as well as burglar resistant roller shutters, the structural connections are of major importance for complete security.

Mounting, can I do it myself?
No, mounting is the most important link in the chain. If the roller shutter is not mounted correctly there is a chance that the burglary and/or fire resistance is compromised. Our technicians are specially trained and in possession of the ‘specialisation security roller shutters’ certificate. In addition to this, safety comes first and each technician has to be able to submit his VCA passport.

How about the warranty?
The warranty period has been determined by Metaalunie trade association and is one year. A ‘warranty statement’ is issued. In addition, you as a client are always entitled to our 24 hrs service.

What is the delivery time?
Because of our own production facility in the Netherlands, GNS Brinkman can keep delivery times short. The most important thing is the dimensions. Usually, the dimensions are taken by our own staff.

How can I best close a small scale parking garage?
For storage garages below apartment buildings for example, GNS Brinkman has the parking garage rolling grille type K. This rolling grille offers maximum ventilation and provides optimal burglar resistance. The system is always supplied with security provisions and access control. Entering takes places using handheld transmitters and exiting by means of vehicle detection. Naturally, a simple priority scheme using traffic lights is one the options. Also, the control can be connected to CO² detection and/or an evacuation system.