GNS Brinkman A rich history

GNS Brinkman started by the joining of the well-known companies: Gorter Fire doors (1837), Dutch Roller shutters Factory – NRF (1967), Slaets (1850) & Brinkman Roller shutters (1922).

We have been developing, producing and installing fire safety doors, roller shutters and roller fences to protect against burglary and fire since 1837. A enthusiastic team of 150 employees within the Value8 Tech Group makes sure that your projects are being managed from start till installation.

Because we have our own automated production processes which complies to the most strictest of quality standards, we can create an end product with very high quality standards and still maintain short delivery times. Our expertise, efficiency & production capabilities make GNS Brinkman a very trust-worthy business partner.

Also, due to the fact we develop, produce and deliver our own high quality products we can be very competitive on pricing. Our products include the Fire Safety Door developed in 1837 by Gorter (the G in GNS Brinkman), the Transparent Roller shutter developed in the seventies by NRF (the N in GNS Brinkman) and Slaets (the S in GNS Brinkman) was the first company to develop the fire safety roller shutter according the EI-norm. GNS Brinkman also has a long history in service and maintenance, our network has been established in the 20’s and has been growing ever since. We are currently one of the largest networks in the Netherlands. All the companies which have joined our group have contributed to the rich history of this company.

Aude oude GNS

Foto Slaets