GNS Brinkman took on the challenge: Market hall in Rotterdam

GNS Brinkman was the only one to take on the challenge of sloping roller shutters!
But it’s not just the roller shutters that are interesting; the details of the Market hall in Rotterdam are also innovative!

It is already called the ‘cathedral of abundance’, the new Rotterdam Market hall the Maasstad wants to put on the map with an icon with a global draw. This impressive, 40m tall building in the shape of a horseshoe arch shines at you through the largest glass facade ever built. The ‘decoration’ by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam with 4,000 1.5 x 1.5 metre painted aluminium sheets is also much admired. Another unique detail we want to highlight here: around the inside of the hall, shops are closed off with transparent roller shutters that are placed under an angle of 70o. But ordinarily no one could supply such a feature. Or so it seemed until GNS Brinkman took on the challenge.

Markthal Rotterdam, MVRDV architecten

Seemingly impossible
Slopes add an additional challenge to the construction of roller shutters that to date have only ever been applied as completely horizontal products. Existing structures are not made for slopes and should they nevertheless be used for this purpose, this would lead to sagging; preventing the opening and closing of doors in the long run. With an ingenious solution GNS Brinkman developed in-house, the Facade® roller shutter has been made suitable for installing under an angle of 70 o.

Another requirement of the architect was that the opening could be fully exposed with no side rails left over. To do this the supplier developed a movable support. The last obstacle, the doors having to be made of a transparent material that was even more sensitive to sagging and damage, was also eventually ingeniously overcome by the supplier.