GNS Brinkman undergoes the SKG-KOMO company assessment

Recently, GNS Brinkman successfully underwent the SKG-KOMO company assessment. In addition, the KOMO certificates of 3 fire resistant GNS Brinkman products have been updated according to the latest BRL 3241: 31-12-2012.


This concerns the following products

  • SKG.1323.5859.01.NL fire roller door Pyrex RD120, achieved fire resistance EW 120.
  • SKG.1323.5860.01.NL fire sliding door with wicket door Pyrex SD60E, achieved fire resistance EW 60.
  • SKG.1323.5861.01.NL fire roller door Pyrex RD-60Ei, achieved fire resistance Ei1 60.

With this assessment and certificates the SKG has assured that the production of these fire resistant doors takes place in accordance with the underlying fire reports. A KOMO certificate is a quality statement that describes the performance of a construction product, a construction element or a construction system. This performance brings together all aspects that are of importance when realising premium constructions and reducing the costs of failure.

A KOMO certificate declares e.g. under which preconditions the construction product, the building element or the construction system is suitable for the intended application. The certificate is also evidence that it the meets the relevant Dutch legislation.

The responsibility for the assessment guideline to be in line with the market needs is in the hands of the College of Deskundigen (Board of Experts). All parties involved in the construction chain are represented on this board.

The certificate comprises of

  • the technical specification of the product, the construction element or the construction system;
  • the design of the construction element that can be made with the product or the products;
  • the implementation provisions.

Overall, a KOMO certificate offers assurances to the clients and users of GNS Brinkman products that the products of GNS Brinkman always meet the highest requirements with regard to fire and smoke resistance.

KOMO attest 1323 5860 01 Pyrex SD60E kleinKOMO attest 1323 5861 01 Pyrex RD-Ei60  kleinKOMO attest 1323 5859 01 Pyrex RD 120 klein