FIRE RESISTANT Back in 1837 the fire resistant sliding door was at the birth and foundation of Gorter fire doors (the ā€œGā€ in GNS Brinkman). For over 175 years now, GNS Brinkman’s fire resistant products have been proved to meet stringent requirements and satisfy an often critical market. Now GNS Brinkman has a wide range of fire resistant roller shutters, fire screens, sliding doors and hinged doors.

For any situation there is a suitable roller shutter or door available. With or without glazing, in a single or a double version or in any desired dimensions. Naturally, they are also equipped with facilities to communicate with fire alarm systems. In the Netherlands the NEN6069 standard for fire safety applies and as a member state of the European Community, the European legislation and regulations also apply, such as the European Standard EN1634-1 for all European member states. All existing GNS Brinkman products have been tested and meet these standards and all new products are tested according to the latest available standards.