The basic concept of this door is over 150 years old but has been continually adjusted to contemporary technology and current requirements. Valued for its impressive achievements it has become a benchmark in the field of fire doors. This is GNS Brinkman’s Pyrex SD.

This fire door fits with any design or architecture, whether heavy industry, healthcare facilities, hotels, offices, airports or installations. The door can be connected to fire and smoke detection systems. You can also choose whether the door opens right or left and there is the option for Plastico colour coating. This sliding door is also available with an integrated wicket door.

• Suitable for all types of facade and wall openings in indoor environments
• With optional wicket door as a normal user door or as an escape door
• Tested according to Dutch standard NEN 6069
• At least 60 minutes of fire resistance (Ei2-60)

Available versions
• Pyrex SD-60
• Pyrex SD-120


User friendly fire-resistant sliding door with good price/performance ratio for responsible fire safety.

Facade and wall openings, staircase, corridors and dividing larger spaces into compartments. Suitable in all types of buildings.

Our fire door is tested and approved by the TNO institute/Efectis according to the Dutch standard NEN 6069. Achieved fire resistance: Ei2-60.

Physical Characteristics
The door panel consists of a solid, fire resistant core with Sendzimir galvanised sheet metal plating on both sides. Wall seal with labyrinth profiles and strips that foam and seal in case of fire.

Colour finishing
Door panel delivered as standard in galvanised steel. Can optionally be fitted with a Plastisol coating in standard Corus colours. Steel top rail and impact angle finished with grey zinc phosphate primer.

Moving system
Mounted with ball bearing roller wheels mounted on a steel angle rail. The door is easy to operate thanks to low-friction guides. The door can be installed to open to the right or the left.

The sliding door can be connected to any fire or smoke detection system or be fitted with its own fire alarm. The sliding door is kept in an open position by a holding magnet. In case of a fire alarm the door will close at a controlled using a counter weight. Daily manual operation is possible with the integrated door handle.

The design, the choice of materials, the construction and the way the sliding door is mounted is well thought out. As a result, the sliding door is durable, has a long life cycle and is highly reliable.

Width up to six metres. Height also up to six metres. Thickness of door panel is 68-74 mm.

Door panel is approximately 65 kg per m2. Total weight depends on dimensions and version.

Mounting should be done in accordance with the GNS Brinkman mounting provisions.

Annual maintenance is a legal requirement for fire partitions. The maintenance interval also depends on the degree to which the sliding door is used, the operating conditions and environmental influences.

GNS Brinkman warranty statement, certificate of fire resistance, mounting instructions and user manual.


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