Hermes Perfo/Open

Hermes Perfo and Hermes Open security roller shutters offer excellent protection against burglary or vandalism. Fitted with micro perforation or large rectangular openings they combine the shielding properties of a regular roller shutter with both vision and ventilation.

Both versions offer a high degree of visibility. The Hermes Perfo ensures a net curtain effect when closed while the Hermes Open offers visibility in all circumstances. These roller shutters are ideal for shielding windows, shop fronts and counters. GNS Brinkman roller shutter profiles can be delivered in any standard RAL colour. GNS Brinkman offers a suitable solution for any situation!

• Solid protection with optimal visibility and ventilation
• With micro perforation or large viewing openings
• In many shapes and material variations

Type Material Material thickness Max. width
ZS69 Perfo Steel 1,00 mm 6000 mm
ZS91 Perfo Steel 1,00 mm 7000 mm
ZS100 Perfo Steel 1,00 mm 7500 mm
ZS100 Perfo Steel 1,20 mm 8000 mm
ZV100 Perfo Steel 1,00 mm 7000 mm
ZV100 Perfo Steel 1,20 mm 7500 mm


Solid roller shutters for various applications, such as burglar resistant and vandal resistant protection while maintaining vision and ventilation through mesh or rectangular openings.

Closure of many types of wall and facade openings when preservation of vision and/or ventilation is desired. Suitable for virtually all types of buildings and installations.

Physical Characteristics
Roller shutter made of horizontal, cold rolled (extra smooth and aesthetically pleasing) steel or aluminium profiles with mesh or rectangular openings. Side finishing with durable plastic end pieces. Bottom finished with an anti-bumping sill and black rubber anti-bumping strip.

Colour finishing
Roller shutter and side channels in Sendzimir galvanised steel or aluminium. Available in any standard RAL colour.

Moving system
Electric drive. Motor type depending on the type of roller shutter, dimensions, weight and user requirements. Steel drive shaft with ball bearings and roll-off protection.

Delivered as standard with an internal switch to move the shutter up and down. If desired, many operation options and switching techniques, including wireless switching, are available.

The design, the choice of materials, the construction and the way the roller shutter is mounted is well thought out. As a result, the roller shutter is durable, it has a long life cycle and is highly reliable.

Width up to 8 metres, depending on the type of roller shutter. Maximum height depending on situation and version. See table for detailed specifications.

From 4.5 kg per m2, depending on the type of roller shutter. Total weight depends on dimensions and version.

Suitable for internal or external mounting. Mounting should be done in accordance with the GNS Brinkman mounting provisions.

The maintenance interval depends on the extent to which the roller shutter is used, the operating conditions and the environmental influences; but should take place at least once a year.

GNS Brinkman roller shutter systems comply with the applicable regulations for passages according to Arbo AI-14 (Dutch Health and Safety Directive).

GNS Brinkman warranty statement.



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