TRANSPARENT Stylish and safe
GNS Brinkman is the inventor of the transparent roller shutter. In the 70s the high streets threatened to turn into grey nightmares. Armoured with roller shutters, graffiti daubed and gradually shunned by evening walkers out for a pleasant stroll. GNS Brinkman has developed a solution for this.

As early as 1983, in cooperation with the Delft University of Technology, we studied this subject. Following this, together with the TNO institute in Delft, our engineers completed development and made a product suitable for production and sale. Facade is a striking example of GNS Brinkman’s capacity to develop; maximum harmony between contemporary technology and beautiful design. This transparent roller shutter is also, of course, burglar resistant.

Shops, shopping streets and the window shopping public have become much safer and happier after closing time. GNS Brinkman continuously works on the (further) development of this product to comply with the large demand for innovation in this international market.

In addition to closing off shop windows, our transparent product is suitable for counters, houses, museums, facade openings, parking garages and (temporary) closure of public passages without visual impairment.