FACADE Roller Shutter

The fully enclosed surface of the Facade ensures an optimal burglar proof closure for all types of wall and facade openings.  The Facade is transparent with full view of the protective area and constructed from crystal clear polycarbonate sheets (many times stronger than steel).

The design is slim and neutral and as a result suits any architecture. The use of UV resistant coating prevents discolouring, which ensures an unobstructed lines of sight for many years. Due to the construction using separate panels, the roller shutter system can be repaired quickly, easily and cost effectively in case of damage. The roller shutter provides combination of contemporary design and good old fashioned protection.

  • Excellent visibility due to crystal clear polycarbonate
  • Offers a transparent view of more than 70 percent
  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Solid construction with anodised aluminium profiles

Rolled diameter (values in mm)

Facade 6  
Height/Width 2000 4000
2000 Ø230  Ø260
2500 Ø260  Ø280
3000 Ø280  Ø300
3500 Ø300  Ø320
4000 Ø320  Ø340
4500 Ø350  Ø360

Dimensions (values in mm)
Visibility (values in %)

Facade 6
Minimum width 800
Maximum width 8000
Maximum height 6000
Profile heigth 37
Profile thickness 25
Material thickness 6
Visibility (values in %) 80


A fully ‘enclosed’ transparent roller shutter with transparent view of a minimum of 70% (in case of application in licensed areas a transparent view of a minimum of 70% is required). Suitable for protection against burglary.

The complete closure of all types of wall and facade openings where permanent visibility is desired. Suitable for many buildings and systems.

Externall Characteristics
The separate panels are composed from impact-resistant, crystal clear polycarbonate which are connected with hinged aluminium profiles. The underside of the door panel is finished with a heavy blind aluminium endprofile and a black rubber strip. (Optional: the aluminium profiles can be fitted with LED lighting that illuminates the polycarbonate.)

Colour finishing
Visible aluminium parts made in extruded natural anodised aluminium. If required, available in each standard RAL colour by means of powder coating or in anodised colour (VOM).

Moving system
Electric drive. Motor type depending on dimensions, weight and user requirements. Steel drive shaft with ball bearings and safetybreak.

Delivered as standard with an indoor turn switch. Several controls possible, also wireless.

The design, the choice of materials, the construction and the way in which the roller shutter is mounted is well thought out. As a result, the roller shutter is durable, has a long lifecycle and is highly reliable.

Width up to 9 metres. Height depending on situation and implementation. Standard thickness of poly-carbonate 6 mm. Profile thickness 23 mm.

Door panel approximately 11 kg per m2. Total weight depending on dimension and implementation.

Mounting must be made according to the installation instructions of GNS Brinkman.

The maintenance interval depends on the frequency to which the roller shutter is used, the operating conditions and environmental influences, but should take place at least once a year.

GNS Brinkman roller shutter systems comply with the applicable regulations in EU.

GNS Brinkman warranty statement.